The BEST Sleep Aid is YOU

Guest post by Rachel Peters -

Do you sleep through the night?

Getting a good night’s sleep starts with you and your schedule.

The length and quality of sleep you get may have a bigger impact on your health than what you eat. Sleep impacts our hormones, our weight, our cognitive function, and how we age (to name a few).

We all need quality sleep for optimal brain and cognitive function, it’s key to natural detoxification, reducing cravings, and balancing hormones. When we are in sync with nature we are in balance, experiencing a greater ease in our lives. When we are out of sync with nature we experience depression, unhealthy cravings, lack of focus, inflammation, and dis-ease.

You might not be sure why you can’t sleep at night. It might seem like you were sleeping fine and then one day, you simply stopped sleeping through the night. Sometimes having a visual reminder will help support old habits that are keeping you from living a life of vitality.

You need your sleep and it’s for much more than beauty.

It may seem obvious, but the simple everyday choices we make for ourselves throughout a 24 hour period have a big impact on how we sleep. They are so obvious, they are sometimes overlooked.

I worked with a woman in my yearlong Embody Ease Lifestyle Mastery Program who hadn’t slept through the night in years. She started eating lighter and earlier at night, going to bed early and waking up with more energy than she could remember. She made some basic changes to her evening routine to reduce her screen time and she did her best to stay away from the computer at night. She hadn’t realized how much time she was in front of a screen.

The biggest lesson she learned was that she was much more fun to be around when she slept and a better mother and wife. Let’s just say, she was happy and others around were as well.
If you’ve ever experienced insomnia, repetitive nights with little sleep, staying up late to work on  projects, woken up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, or even to tend to young children, you know what I’m talking about.  

The compound effect of sleep deprivation is silent.

Our hormones become unstable, inflammation increases so we might start to feel more achy in the mornings, cravings for unhealthy foods increase, and the cycle is perpetuated. Lack of sleep can also lead to general malaise, feeling on edge, impatient and in a lot of cases lacking life’s luster.

Guess what? This is NOT normal.

A few simple shifts in your daily habits and you will sleep again.

There are ways to age gracefully AND get great sleep. When you sleep you have more energy for all that you want to do in life, your skin glows, you are fun to be around. Sometimes it may only take one small, yet significant shift in our daily habits to experience the deep sleep we yearn for.

Commit yourself to implementing one new habit to shift your sleep and notice the impact.

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Benjamin Wojciak