Chiropractic Care That Relieves Pain

Life happens. You pick up a box the wrong way, slip and fall, or are involved in an accident that takes a physical toll on your neck, back, and spine. Now you’re feeling less-than-ideal, managing the pain with Ibuprofen, and wishing you had a time machine to go back and avoid it altogether.

Though we may not have a time machine, we can help relieve your pain. Our job is to find the areas in your skeleton that aren’t moving properly and restore natural movement through a spinal adjustment. When your spine moves the wrong way, it can cause irritation of the underlying nerves, which control every function of your body through your brain and spinal column. When misalignment is corrected along the spine via an adjustment, not only is your structure restored, but your body’s functioning is also improved and pain levels are often reduced quickly. This is due to the underlying nerve irritation being relieved.

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You Deserve Chiropractic Treatment That’s Tailored to Your Symptoms

Chiropractic Prescott Valley

No two patients’ chiropractic needs are ever the same – and you deserve care customized to relieve your symptoms. Our chiropractors treat every patient based on their individual needs to develop a treatment plan designed to improve their specific pains and aches. We take pride in offering this level of individualized care and treatment plans.


We Go Beyond Standard Chiropractic Adjustments

From your first visit on, you’ll feel the difference a highly customized chiropractic treatment makes. We use the latest and most advanced technologies and therapies to make sure you walk out feeling more relieved than when you walked in. We use integrated treatment methods in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments such as: heat packs, electronic muscle stimulation, flexion/distraction, active muscle release techniques, muscle testing, spinal rehabilitation, kinesio taping, and spinal decompression. Your doctor may also recommend home exercises/stretching, massage therapy, acupuncture, sleep ergonomic changes, or a 3D Footscan for the most effective, balanced treatment plan possible.

Chiropractic Prescott Valley

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